Daeodon - A Prehistoric Mammal

Daeodon an extinct genus of entelodont artiodactyl that inhabited North America between 29 to 19 million years ago. A game ready animated asset, created for the upcoming PC RTS game Lithic. The model was sculpted inside ZBrush, Zremesher was used to save time by retopogising my High Poly and Modo was used to clean up the model. Modo was also used to unwrap, setup a semi complex control rig and animate upwards of 10 animations for every situation(Such as walk, run, roar, eating/drinking and various attacks).

A combination of Substance Painter and Substance designer was used to create the PBR textures. A requirement was to create a dynamically changeable texture via Substance Designer with exposed values, so the developers were able to change the aesthetics on the fly.



High Poly Models

Substance Designer Graphs

Texture Maps

Marmoset Model Viewer